Top Ten Read of All Time…to me.

It’s here.

The time has come do what every blogger does when they run out of ideas.

The greatest moment of all…



Yes, I am shamelessly going to do what thousands of readers and writers have done before when we hit a dry spot, and can’t for the life of us remember all the insane moments of our youth. And for me, there have been plenty.


And away~ we go!





Christine Feehan “Dark Prince”



I loved this book. A Romanian vampire prince, who’s just about had enough of being alone for centuries, finds his mind invaded by a psychic who has tenacity to hunt serial killers as a job. The two immediately have this haunting connection. I just love how descriptive Feehan is in the book, funny enough I want to say this is her first one and I loved it. I always love poetic and drawling prose.


Nine. I almost forgot nine.

Pythen “Erin Raegan”


A thick book, with political levels as well two characters who end up in a situation both weren’t expecting. I love the world building, and love the romance that has heat sexually but takes it’s time emotionally and relationship wise. I love this book.




Lisa Kleypas “Dreaming of You”


This book had everything I love. The out of place nerdy female typically known as the “Blue stocking,” with the brooding, dark male character who finds his entire reality dumped on its head. I love aggressive male characters, who find themselves at a loss dealing with these women.

And this book had it all, ball gowns, spectacles and delicious seduction in dark secret hallways.




Eloisa James “Pleasure for Pleasure”

This book! Omg! The trope of thick female getting with a hot male, was upped by the fact that mister man was a wicked delicious older man with tons of experience. The female character carried her own by being cheeky and finding her confidence. I really, really loved this book as I love the entire series, but THIS one was my favorite. It hit me right in the owling place. Josie and Mayne made me squeal in all my teen glory!!




Elizabeth Boyle “Tempted by the Night” (I was quite into Historical romance for the entirety of high school.)


This book had magic, in the middle of London and—I want to say regency era. It was phenomenal to me, not only because again the character is curvaceous and mischievous, and takes her destiny into her own hands, but the male character made me laugh from page one. Of course, her sisters’ books were just as good, but this one captured my heart.



Jacqueline Carey “Naamahs Kiss”

I beautiful book, actually a series of three books that are amazing and in-depth and have so much to offer. I love the world building in this book. Especially because of all the mythology the world has running through it. I love this book! Now…go read it!





Penelope Fletcher “Venomous”


This book is evil. I say this, knowing that it has reviews at 1,031 and counting. The sad thing is there is a second book, but I… I won’t say anything bad, only that the first book was the more amazing of the two. It ruined me, taking my whole Historical Romance self into outer space and to be frank I never came back down. So, yes blame this book. Oh! It’s IR. Lol. Folded with RH yeah, you know many partners. Sister gets it in… mhmm.





Sara Page “Craving Maul”


Like I said before, anything with Aliens and kidnapping became my thing. Seriously, and this one was good —though once again that second book—but I did love this, it made me laugh and I loved the male character. Not IR so be aware.





Xavier Neal “Just so Far away”




Tiya Rayne “Where love is found”



I have to say I am not a huge contemporary fan (Not that I know what I’m talking about because I am a beast who eats books.) but there are two books that I can say are so freaking good that I will always reread them. They are permanents in my library. I couldn’t choose so let’s just squeeze them together. Lol






“A long fatal love chase” Louisa May Alcott



The top. The pinnacle.The forever love. The one who makes me ache for I know no other writer will bring me this moment again. Never, no one will ever make me cry like this book did. This book smacks me in the face and says, “you could never.” Like god be a fence this book destroyed my heart in high school, and I read it once and never forgot it.



So that’s it!

That’s my list.


Go out and support these authors and tell them the reading Owl sent you.

















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