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Books and Music +Music and Books = Bomb Book



The two are hard to separate for me. One, music often inspires the scenes I write and pushes my emotional state to a place I wouldn’t be able to get easily alone. So, because I am looking to be more popular and I want you to pay attention me. I’m going to tell you the five songs that are my go too’s for emotional despair and *insert wink” Freaky min set.


  1. When I need to tap into that darkness, the bit of my writing that makes readers shudder and cringe. Kerli Walking on Air is perfect. I love it, and makes me always write with an edge of Horror, which I love.


  1. For the scenes that make you want to ride your mans face. *Smirks*There are tons of songs that come to mind like “Pony”, “The Hills by the weekend” but for me, it’s oddly “Summertime sadness” remastered by Madilyn Bailey” always gets me, in this painful, yearning mood. I love it for my sex scenes



  1. Alpha scenes!! Boy, when it comes to my men especially the sick bastards I have one song that comes from the soundtrack of “Suicide Squad” Purple Lamborghini with Skrillex and Rick Ross, boy!! That is my shizz and let me say it’s perfect for writing Alpha’s.



  1. MY BAD B*SHES!! I love strong female characters. Like my women need to smack just as hard as their males. They can’t be limp wristed and my favorite song for them crazy, mad ladies is *drum roll* Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, before she released it, my main song was Rhianna B** better have my money.


                     I swear I’m a sweet person on the inside.


  1. For when I cannot! Write, and everything seems dark. The Soundtrack from “Wu Ze Tian” Empress of China, drama helps me immensely. It’s perfect for shaking me out of a rut and getting me into this epic vibe that just pulls that heart wrenching pain from my chest…Yeah, that’s about right.


And~! That’s another shameless attempt to get view on my blog because I can’t think of anything else, we are going to be doing these numbers things for a minute lol. Maybe If food were books?


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