Doing you = Being yourself



“ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
– Bernard M. Maruch”



“Do you.”

When I hear this I always think, “I am.”

But what is “Doing me?”


Is it being positive?

Is it being my own person?

Doing you, is the biggest vibe all authors have to take on because in writing we can only be ourselves. From the way we word a certain sentence to how we have our characters view the world, the only way we can do it is through our own incite and fingers.


My biggest challenge thus far is translating “Doing you into stories I never thought I could do. While, I love challenges I find myself sometimes intimidated by a new idea of what I could do.

Will ‘I’ be enough, and this isn’t about confidence in general but the question is about the piece of me that I put into that creation. Will it be enough?


That’s where “Do you” comes in.


It’s all I can do; I can only be myself. In black and white, the two purest colors in the world. I have to bear myself, and expose what and how I think of certain things. Writing has a way of exposing you to yourself, and revealing to you your own perceptions of your own weaknesses.


And being a Aries, it’s nothing worse than having to look at your failings.

Yet, I love to overcome them. Looking at my own weaknesses in writing has become a thrilling ride. Especially when I overcome it. Slaying the dragon in front of me, and revealing another piece of my own existence and sharing that with the readers is what I live for.


Doing me, is triumphing over challenges.


So, make sure you, “Do you.”


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