Beignets and Conferences

 HI! Another Blog.


The minute I returned home from the conference and cruise I crashed. Like full face palm into my bed. I spent a day sleeping, like on and off sleeping. I sent off a few emails, and once more curled full body onto the floor (Am I the only one who occasionally sleeps on the floor?)


Anyway, with the conference and the cruise over, I decided to list five things you should do before a conference. This is a list based on my personally opinion more than anything, I’m hoping to make conference going a thing.

Any way… here we go.



1. Pack a laptop: this is a no brainer for all writers, don’t even lie to yourself that you won’t write. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and if you do pack a laptop pack one that works. God! I just invested in a desktop, and my laptop is slow from being cleaned, SMH. How I wished I’d bought a laptop. *shrugs* Oh well.


2. Explore: Especially if it’s somewhere you’ve never been. Take a break from the conference and go explore the area, New Orleans was amazing, the French quarter was a burden for my                       imagination. I wish I could have spent a few more days there.


3.Learn Authors “who’s who”: Nothing more awkward then not knowing who’s an author, verses who’s a reader. Most people wear name tags, but occasionally there is someone who’s going               allah-no-nametag, and you’re not sure whether you should raise both hands and release the sound of a dying frog because it’s your favorite author or… act like you have some common sense           and say “hello” like normal. *coughs* So learn faces and names.


4. Attend a Pannel: Every panel has something to offer, from incite to industry know how’s. It’s a good thing to attend them to get a feel for what’s going on in the industry and writing climate             around you. Even if you attend it with a coffee cup filled with chilled wine. *winks* As long as you step out and attend one or two.


5. Fashion, darling!: Nola, was fun, but the best part was that my clothes could stand the test of changed events, exploring and early morning roaming for breakfast. I have become a fan of                 polyester mixed with Rayon, it’s a wonderful fabric that makes packing easy and ironing a thing of the past. Le’sigh, the looks I served were so much easier to pull




That’s, That. I had a good time and can’t wait to experience it on a much, much bigger scale.

Love you guys, and see you next Wednesday.

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