I gave my sister a book…

“The silliest thing I’ve ever done.”

Is the title for today’s blog.

I gave my sister a book.

Usually I don’t do this because she has habit of asking me questions that trigger my hard-core fan ways.

“Why didn’t she run?”

“…She’s stupid, why did this writer write them so dumbly?”

“Argh, if she says it’s because of “love” one more time, I’m chucking it.”

…So, the last one isn’t really a question.

And as usual I roll my eyes, prevent her from using my Facebook to ask these authors these questions, and shoving her out of my room so I can get back to writing. But, this made me think about my audience, and the faces they make while reading.

I never really thought about the moments, where I stop reading a book and release a frustrate grunt of annoyance. Or, when I have to remember to not toss my phone because… well, it’s my phone.

(Visible representation of my Reader Heart Break)

Even after all this, I still love books. I still love authors for writing them.

I realize that dealing with negative reviews, and criticism can sometimes make writers feel like they have a small pool of fans, but I have always felt that writers are super brave.

Brave enough to build something out of nothing, put their name on it and put it out there for the world to consume and judge.

So, decided to write this blog to celebrate writers for… well, just writing.

A big hurrah, for being brave enough to think the world in your head needs light.

To tell you, even at your roughest draft you’re awesome because you did it. And no one, no one can take that from you.

Even my sister, who’s mid-way through a book she swore she wouldn’t like.


Never stop.


Love Ya!

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