Doing you = Being yourself

    “ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard M. Maruch”     “Do you.” When I hear this I always think, “I am.” But […]

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I gave my sister a book…

“The silliest thing I’ve ever done.” Is the title for today’s blog. I gave my sister a book. Usually I don’t do this because she has habit of asking me questions that trigger my hard-core fan ways. “Why didn’t she run?” “…She’s […]

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Beignets and Conferences

 HI! Another Blog.   The minute I returned home from the conference and cruise I crashed. Like full face palm into my bed. I spent a day sleeping, like on and off sleeping. I sent off a few emails, and once more […]

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Lipstick Literature

Today! Another attempt at filling my Blog because I can’t remember stories of yesterday. Books as Lipsticks!! Yes! Imagine saying, “I’m wearing Pride and Prejudice.” “Yeas!! Two snaps*   http:// via GIPHY     Amarie Avant “August”           […]

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Top Ten Read of All Time…to me.

It’s here. The time has come do what every blogger does when they run out of ideas. The greatest moment of all… MY TEN FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME!!   Yes, I am shamelessly going to do what thousands of readers and […]

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